Management Services for Maintenance and Increase of Oil Production in IOOC & ICOFC Selected Oilfields

With the aim of increasing the stabilized oil production flow and increasing the gas production of the selected oilfields of the IOOC and ICOFC and based on studies on the reservoirs in the projects defined by the above two companies, work packages with the following Separate projects have been defined by the National Iranian Oil Company to be awarded to contractors in the form of two-year plans.
The packages defined by the IOOC include 4 packages (Esfand/Sivand, Resalat, Reshadat and Forouzan) and ICOFC includes 3 packages (Danan, Naftshahr and Saadatabad) in the surface and sub-surface parts.
The services provided in this contract (by Hirgan Energy Company) for each of the above-mentioned projects include the following:
-    Portfolio Management General Services
-    Review and approve projects scope of works and technical documents
-    Providing a framework and confirm the integrity of tender documents and supervision on tender process
-    Preparation and completion of projects scope of works and initial documents (if required)





Consultant :  Hirgan Energy Eng. Co.
Client  : Oil Industries Engineering and Construction Company / Offshore Oil Company of Iran / Central Iranian Oil Company