Study of reducing H2S Content in Crude Oil Products and its effects

Project’s Objectives:

Considering the necessity of H2S reduction in crude oil, the conceptual study requirements for this project contain the following:

  1. Engineering study to optimize the existing H2S removal units.

  2. Conceptual study to initiate the new H2S removal facilities from the crude oil, for 3 cases of 5, 10 and 15 (weight ppm); along with a  qualitative/quantitative investigation on the crude oil and the other relevant technical parameters as well as processing facilities.

  3. To adopt the best suited alternative amongst the others, and to submit the conceptual engineering dossier(s) on this basis.

Project Goals & Requirements:
The project goals are to reduce the H2S contents in the crude oil product to the amounts of 5, 10 and 15 weight ppm at the outlet of the existing production units, while keeping in mind about the other important indices such as API degree, RVP and so on, and finally an estimation of the caused effects on the processing facilities, together with specifying the location for the new sweetening facilities.

In order to achieve the above goals, firstly a complete site visit and data gathering should be carried out in the all project sites (29 oil production units). Based on the gathered data, a preliminary conceptual analysis shall be done, which will lead into different suitable alternatives for H2S removal (taking into account all process deficiencies and actual limitations in the existing operating units). A techno-economical analysis will result in the best optimized alternative, which is to be reviewed and confirmed by the client.
Finally, all conceptual engineering documents regarding the adopted alternative shall be collected into an "Engineering Dossier" for the next EPC tender phase.