Lavan Island Fire Fighting and F&G System

The Lavan Island crude oil processing facilities are located within Iranian territorial waters of the Persian Gulf The facilities consist of crude oil /gas /water separation units, sweetening (Sulphur removal) units, RVP stabilization units, desalting units and associated utilities .
Oil and gas are produced in the Lavan district by Salman, Balal, Resalat and Reshadat offshore production complexes .
There are existing onshore oil processing facilities, oil tankage, Airport, residential camps, jetties, warehouses, workshops, helicopter compound, power plants, gas wells and other facilities in Lavan Island which are considered as part of the project .
Various options are investigated during the Conceptual Engineering phase, with regard to improving the HSE systems in the Lavan Island including Industrial, Semi -Industrial and Non -industrial zones in the entire Lavan Island .
Techno -economical conceptual studies are carried out for different options to evaluate expected performance so that a decision could be made regarding which option would best meet the HSE challenges .
The complete Basic Engineering and EPC tender documents are prepared based on the selected option of the conceptual study .

Project goals and policies:

  • Improving the fire fighting system based on latest standards .
  • Improving the safety management and F&G system .
  • Oil processing and tankage area open and closed drainage system .
  • HSE latest standards compliancy .

Project stages:

  • Site survey and data gathering .
  • Conceptual Engineering .
  • Basic Design Engineering .
  • EPC tender package preparation .

Consultant: Hirgan Energy /GSA (UK) Joint Venture
Client: Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)