Design Study and FEED Package Preparation for NIOC Oil and Gas Dispatching National

The NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) has decided to monitor and supervise all the Oil, Gas,Condensate and other hydrocarbons production and all product transactions (Imports/Exports) via a centralized center covering whole NIOC subsidiary companies including:
- NISOC (National Iranian South Oil Company)
- ICOFC (Iranian Central Oil Field Company)
- IOOC (Iranian Off-Shore Oil Company)
- IOTC (Iran Oil Terminals Company)
- POGC (Pars Oil & Gas Company)
- AOGC (Arvandan Oil & Gas Company)

PEDEC (Petroleum Engineering & Development Company) is specified on behalf of NIOC as responsible of the project, Hirgan Energy Engineering Company is defined as Consultant in basic engineering stage to handle site survey, data gathering, prepare engineering documents, prepare the EPCF tender documents and cost estimation report for this project.

Due to this project, NIOC intends to increase reliability and accuracy of the existing control systems and field instruments in old surface facilities , additionally to transfer and monitor main process characters of all subsidiary companies plants ( such as operation units, pump stations , compressor stations, NGL units, desalination units, …) via new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to achieve supervisory goals in different oil and gas product stages and implement production management functions  in 3 level :

  • Districts Oil and Gas Production Companies monitoring center
  • NIOC subsidiary companies monitoring center
  • NIOC main/backup dispatching center

Project goals are integrating, monitoring and partially controlling the production /transfer of the oil and gas from wells to domestic bases and export bases, as well as monitoring of process characteristics and quality index of products in whole NIOC subsidiary companies, consequently:

  • NIOC is assured that the oil and gas production system is performed based upon the pre-decided predictions.
  • Better planning and programing for oil and gas field development project
  • More effective planning and programing for oil and gas plants refurbishment or development projects
  • Preparing reports for precise and on time distribution information to NIOC senior managers to make appropriate decisions
  • Planning for shut down or maintenance of the plants considering production management


Consultant: Hirgan Energy Engineering Co.
Client: PEDEC (Petroleum Engineering and Development Company)