Design Study and FEED Package Preparation for RAMSHIR Production & Gas Compression Units Refurbishment

With the construction of the required processing facilities, the existing problems in production & gas compression units are solved and an increase in processing capacity, the continuation of the overhaul, allowing the oil to separate salty and non-salty oil, the possibility of testing wells, improvement of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of oil and gas production and will reduce operational problems.
Requirements for this project contain the following:

  1. Conceptual & Basic Design study for RAMSHIR Production Unit renovation and upgrading requirements.
  2. Conceptual & Basic study for RAMSHIR Gas Compression Unit optimization and upgrading requirements.
  3. FEED package document preparation for next project phase (EPC project).

The project goals are to add a new 3-step separation unit with the total capacity of 45000 BBL in RAMSHIR Production Unit, separate salty and non-salty crude oil separation units and transfer them to suitable destinations, transferring industrial waste water to another plant treatment unit, and optimize the compression trains in the RAMSHIR Gas Compression Unit to handle 40 MMSCFD gas. In order to achieve the above goals, firstly a complete site visit and data gathering is carried out in the project sites. Based on the gathered data, a preliminary conceptual study is done, leading into different suitable alternatives for H2S removal (taking into account all process deficiencies and actual limitations in the existing operating units). A techno-economical analysis results in the best optimized alternative, which is to be reviewed and confirmed by the client. Next, for the selected options, Basic Design study has been carried out and all the required document have been issued. Finally, FEED package documents for the next EPC project phase have been prepared.

Consultant: Hirgan Energy Engineering Co.
Client: National Iranian South Oil Co. (NISOC)