Heat Recovery System from 4th S.R.U. Outlet Gases

Shahid Hasheminejad gas processing plant as the only refining facility in eastern part of Iran is fed by gas reserves located in Khangiran near Sarakhs city, 165 kilometers east of Mashhad City, capital of Khorasan Razavi province.
Gas intake of the plant will rise by 10 million cubic meters reaching 67 million cubic meters per day upon the completion of a development plan is according to the official.
On sulfur production by the plant, the official noted that sulfur production capacity of Hasheminejad gas processing plant stands at 2.6 thousand tons per day even though actual production is two thousand tons.
The plant produced 139.150 tons of sulfur during the first quarter of the current year.
For producing additional high pressure steam, a heat recovery system from 4th S.R.U. outlet gases is considered.
This project was defined to prepare feasibility and conceptual study to inform client about capability of producing required H.P. steam and environmental impacts.

Consultant :  Hirgan Energy Eng. Co.
Client :  Shahid Hasheminejad Gas Processing Co./SGPC