Study of Optimization Methods for Compression Trains of AMAK Gas Compressor Stations

Bangestan sour gas gathering facilities as one of the most important projects in terms of environmental and techno-economical known as AMAK has been established in central Karoon-Maroon district which consists of seven compressor stations namely:
Ahwaz-1, Ahwaz-2, Ahwaz-3, Ab-teymour, Mansuri, Marun-3 and Kupal
The target of AMAK project is gathering, compressing and transmitting these sour gases to Karoon gas treatment plant (GTP).
Since initial commissioning and start-up, these compressor stations had many difficulties due to inappropriate design of equipment, inlet feed variation and not considering operational flexibility in provided apparatus.
Because of these deficiencies, any change in inlet feed parameters leads these compressors to deviate from proper operating condition and cause gas flaring which is in opposite of initial objectives of AMAK project.
To achieve the project goals, a conceptual study along with the feasibility analysis have been done by Hirgan Energy Engineering Company for the best and most proper solution, which will come from a thorough techno-economical study.
Consultant :  Hirgan Energy Eng. Co.
Client :  NISOC