Nasr offshore platform, new build high performance production separators

The Iranian offshore Oil Company (IOOC)intent to perform the development of Sirri "C" and "D" oilfields which are located in the Iranian territorial waters of the Persian Gulf, approximately 100 km from the coast and 32 km south-west of the Sirri Island. The field facilities consist of two wellhead platforms (3x14+1x11 states)for Sirri "D". The live crude oil produced at the wellhead platforms are collected at each wellhead platform and routed via a sea line to Nasr production platform. On the Nasr platform, the produced fluid is routed to the production separators  (our scope of supply), where the oil , gas and water are separated. The oil and gas are routed to Sirri Island for further processing and the produced water is routed and discharged to the sea.

  • High Performance 3 phase production Separators Quantities: 2 sets horizontal vessel (PP-V-20 A/B)

Capacity: 60,000 BLPD/set
Water cut: 10%~75%
Dimensions: 2450 (ID)x 13,000 (TT)
Design Pressure/Temperature: 14 barg/85 °C
Material: SS 316L for Internals: Inlet cyclonic, double perforated distribution baffle, pack coalesce, vane pack demister.

Scope of Work:

  • Process design & guarantee
  • Mechanical design
  • Vessel & Internals fabrication
  • Inspection & testing
  • Internals Installation
  • Packing & delivery (ExW-Iran)

Vendor: Hirgan Energy Co.
Client: Darya Sahel Co. (DSCO)
End User: Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)