Cheshmeh Khosh Desalting Unit (EPC)

Cheshmeh Khosh oilfield is located at 50 km far away from Andimeshk city (in Iran), between Danan and Paydar oilfields. Since the water-cut of inlet crude oil to existing production unit is increased as well as desalting capacity limitation in existing unit (7500 barrel per day), Iranian Central Oil Field Company (ICOFC) intends to establish a new desalting unit in the vicinity of existing Cheshme Khosh desalting unit, so Hirgan Energy is begin trusted as EPC contractor of the said project.
The project scope of work is to construct a new desalting unit beside existing desalting unit with operating capacity of 25,000 barrel per day crude oil, based on the client’s design requirements and technical specifications.
Project engineering services in all engineering departments include basic engineering review and endorsement, detailed design, procurement engineering, field engineering and preparation of As-Built documents, operating and maintenance manual for new unit.
Procurement, manufacturing, construction, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and hand over services are in contractor’s responsibility.
The following main facilities are required in this project:
•    Salty crude oil processing facilities including salty crude oil feed pumps, off-spec tank (as existing equipment), heat exchangers, indirect oil pre-heater and two-stage electro-static desalters with related dilution water pumps.
•    Filtration & Deaerating systems for wash water (dilution water)
•    Chemical injection facilities
•    Oily Water Separation System
•    Dry Compressed Air System
•    Using existing utility services such as fuel and fuel gas, wastewater treatment system, flare, open and close drain system, off-spec oil, fire-fighting water, etc.
•    Piping system and tie-in inside and outside the site to transfer process fluid and utilities
•    Normal, emergency and uninterrupted power systems
•    Control and Instrumentation systems including DCS, ESD and F&G
•    Telecommunication and CCTV systems
•    F&G system, fire-fighting water network and relevant facilities
•    Civil works including site area, equipment foundations, pipe supports, structures, platforms, buildings and so on
•    Mechanical facilities of the buildings (HVAC)







Contractor: Hirgan Energy Eng. Co.
Client: Iranian Central Oil Fields Co./ ICOFC