The Director of the project of drilling 20 wells in the Azadegan South oil field in the National Iranian Drilling Company announced the completion of drilling operations and the completion of 16 wells in this field in order to implement this project.


According to the information base of the National Iranian Oil Company, Manouchehr Asadi stated that the drilling project for the development of wells in the South Azadegan field has been key since September of 1994. He said: The number of wells has increased from 20 to 23, and the project is expected to be completed by June 1998.
Asadi stated: At present, the drilling of 16 wells out of 23 wells has been completed and handed over to the employer. The drilling of the remaining seven wells is also in the completion stage with 90% progress.
He explained: To drill 16 wells in South Azadegan Square, 6 heavy drilling rigs were used in the area. According to calculations, more than 72,000 meters of drilling has been reported so far.
According to Asadi, considering the drilling of more than 40 wells last year, the National Iranian Drilling Company has drilling and completing 56 wells in this joint oil field in its portfolio and has played an important role in the production of this field.
He said that the drilling rigs used in the South Azadegan project are equipped with a waste management system with the aim of preserving the ecosystem of water, soil and the environment of the region, adding: , Maximum use of parts, equipment, goods and required materials from domestic sources and products.
Asadi announced: The National Iranian Drilling Company has recently become operational in this position by participating in the tender of Matn Company, the winner of drilling 10 more wells. Preparations for the project are underway, and a descriptive (evaluation) well will be drilled soon.

News Date: Monday, February 29, 2017

Source: Shana