The Justification Session Of The Second Ttender Of The Series of Tenders For Design, Construction and Drilling with Deferred Payment and Financing of Part Of The Work Related To The Resalat Field Development Project After Visiting The Project Site on the Resalat Platform By The Invited Participants With 12 Companies Iran Was Held.



According to Shana, quoting the Iranian Offshore Oil Company, in this briefing, which was accompanied by a significant welcome from experienced and capable Iranian companies in the construction and installation of offshore equipment and facilities in various departments, all questions and ambiguities of contract, technical and drilling by Representatives of the Offshore Oil Company of Iran, Deputy Minister of Petroleum Engineering and Development and Ovik Consulting Company (Engineering and Construction of Petroleum Industries) were answered.

In this meeting, in addition to the mentioned companies, companies holding Iranian offshore rigs, which have high capabilities in offshore drilling and drilling services, also participated in the meeting.

According to the tender process plan, the winner will be determined with an investment volume of about 150 million Euros in March 1998. With the implementation of this project, 12,000 barrels per day will be added to the production of Resalat field


Date: 03th, Feb.2019

Reference: Shana