Chemical Injection Design for NGL 900,1000,1200 & 1300

Project’s Objectives:

Considering the corrosion occurred in Cooling towers of NGL 900 & 1000 and Steam Boilers NGL 1200 & 1300 via chemical injection, NISOC (i.e. Client)has contracted the above Project to Hirgan Energy with the following scope of work:

Project Scope of Work:

Conceptual & Basic Engineering including:
Study of the Plant & advising the Client with the best Solution to meet the corrosion problems
To Design a new Chemical Injection Package
Optimization of Cooling Water and Boiler Vessels feeding systems by techno-economical analysis of the Plant.
Preparation of an EPC Package for the Project’s later stage tender

Consultant: Hirgan Energy Engineering Co.
Client: NISOC