Esfahan Refinery Upgrading and Revamping (URP)

The Esfahan Oil Refining Company (EORC) intends to debottleneck and upgrade the Esfahan Refinery in order to minimize fuel oil, increase gasoline production and upgrade the refinery products to the level of currently acceptable international standards with due consideration of the environmental and energy conservation measures and reduction of operating costs by provision of new units and debottlenecking/revamping of the existing units, utility services and other auxiliary offsite/tankage facilities.
Our project scope of works includes:

  1. New CDU#3 unit (71)
  2. New LPG#3 unit (75)
  3. New KTP unit (85)
  4. New units interconnecting (45)

Project Goals & Requirements: 
The Project goals are increasing the crude oil distillation capacity and producing Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK) as follows:

  1. The new CDU unit (71) capacity will be 120,000 BPSD of Iranian light crude oil. The produced Atmospheric residue by this unit will be processed by the existing Vacuum Distillation Units.
  2. The new LPG unit (75) capacity will be 9,700 BPSD and it is designed to separate the combined feed streams into two liquid products, namely propane or mixed LPG and butane. The deethanizer overhead vapors are sent to Amine Treating Unit for H2S removal, then either to the Hydrogen Plant as feed gas or to the refinery fuel gas system.
  3. The new Kerosene Treating unit (85) capacity will be 27,000 BPSD of straight run Kerosene from Iranian Light Crude Oil. The unit configuration is two parallel and twin trains of 16,000 BPSD capacities each (2 trains at 60% capacity).

EPC Contractor: Dor Riz Engineering Company
Consultant: Hirgan Energy Engineering Co.
Client: Esfahan Oil Refining Company