4th Pataveh Gas Compressor Station

The Iranian gas engineering and development company (IGEDC) decided to build 4th compressor station on the tenth-Iranian gas trunk line (IGAT-X) and this compressor station is aimed to boost natural gas from south of Iran to north of the country for internal consumption.
The feed of the Compressor Station is treated natural gas for domestic and industrial use. The tenth Iranian Gas Trunk line delivers the feed to this compressor station.
PATAVEH Compressor Station boosts natural gas from station inlet pressure (750 Psia) to 1045 Psia. The proposed compressor station battery limit is down stream of the pipeline pig receiver and upstream of the pipeline pig launcher.
This compressor station include of identical trains as followings:

• Four parallel trains (Three in service and one in stand-by).
Each train consists of one inlet scrubber, one turbo compressor package and one air gas cooler equipped with all required interconnecting piping and instrumentation.
The hairpin configuration is considered for the compressor station as required. This compressor station will include of the following sections;

  • Inlet Scrubbers Unit
  • Turbo Compressor Unit
  • Air Gas Coolers
  • Process Control and Instrumentation for Station
  • Piping System
  • Utilities

EPC Contractor: Hirgan Energy – Tarho Bazrasi J.V.
Client: IGEDC