Process optimization for Norooz platform

The Bahregan crude oil processing facilities are located within Iranian territorial waters of the Persian Gulf.The facilities consist of crude oil / gas / water separation units, sweetening (Sulphur removal)units, RVP stabilization units, desalting units and associated utilities.
Oil and gas are produced in the Bahregan district by Soroosh, Norooz, Bahregansar Hendijan offshore production complexes.
There are two existing Soroosh and Norooz offshore oil processing platforms which the Norooz production platform extra heavy crude oil process optimization by upgrading the existing production and test separators is considered as part of the project.
The complete Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of the new high performance internals of separators are in the scope of works:


  • Bahregan offshore Norooz production platform existing production separators upgrading

Quantities: 2 Sets (20-1V-2010, 20-2V-2010)
Capacities: 45,000 BLPD/ Set
Technology: Inlet Cyclone, Distribution Baffle, Plate pack Coalescer and Demission Cyclone

  • Bahregan offshore Norooz production platform existing test separator upgrading

Quantities: 1 Set (20-V-1910)
Capacities: 17,000 BLPD
Technology: Inlet Cyclone, Distribution Baffle and Demission Cyclone

Project goals and policies:

  • Minimizing the water content of the outlet oil for Norooz platform.
  • Minimizing the oil content of the outlet water for Norooz platform.
  • Minimizing the oil content of the outlet gas for Norooz platform.
  • Using up to date technologies.
  • Minimizing operation and maintenance costs.
  • HSE latest standards compliancy.


EPC Contractor: Hirgan Energy/Samandis Co.Joint Venture
Client: Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)