Researchers from a knowledge-based company succeeded in manufacturing ball valves used in oil and gas industries and self-sufficiency in this field.


According to Mehr News Agency, quoting the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, a knowledge-based company is one of the companies supported by the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, which has been able to use the facilities provided by the Fund to meet the country's need for ball valves used in oil and gas industries. Meet from abroad.

Sadegh Jani, about the type of product produced in this company (ball valves of oil and gas industry) stated: Ball valves are in fact one of the strategic valves used in refineries, transmission lines, petrochemical industries and upstream oil and gas industries that are cut and A current connection is used. He pointed out that these valves are produced in three different sizes, he specified: one size of these valves are Manual Valve or the same as manual valves; The second category is Actuated Valve, which is mostly used in engines, and the third type is Control Valve, or the same as automatic valves. The CEO of the company, in response to a question about whether these valves are competitive with its foreign model, said: The ball has exactly the same performance as the external sample. The latest valves manufactured by our company are currently used in some refineries with a pressure of 150 bar and a temperature higher than 250 degrees Celsius.

Johnny about whether your company is the only company that produces ball valves used in the oil and gas sector in the country or not? He said: "Of course, other companies are also working in this field, but we are a specialized knowledge-based company in the field of producing a special type of valve called Special Valves." In fact, we have worked on the performance of this type of ball valves at high temperatures that no company in Iran has worked on this issue. He said about the production perspective of ball valves used in the oil and gas industry in his respective company: Our product Is a strategic product; As long as our refineries are working and their valves are corroded due to the continuation of work, and they need repairs and spare parts, we are ready to provide services to meet the needs of the country's refineries.

Emphasizing that the production of ball valves used in the oil and gas industry in the country is a full realization of the slogan of "resistance economy", he added: "Today, this type of milk is fully produced in the country and other work of our refineries because The lack of spare parts will not stop.

In the end, referring to the support of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund and the facilities granted by this fund to its respective company in order to produce ball valves used in oil and gas industries, Johnny said: the fund in financing domestic products, especially in the field of commercialization of oil-related products And gas plays an extraordinary role. We face very high costs in oil and gas projects, and without the support of the fund, we will not be able to produce these products and bring them to the commercialization stage.



News Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2016

Source: Mehr News Agency