The Accident Was Prevented By The Timely Operation Of The Lightning Protection System Of The One Million Barrel Lavan Storage Tank.


According to the public relations of Lavan region, in recent days and the creation of unstable weather conditions with heavy showers due to the objective observation of colleagues in the region and field studies, as well as available evidence, including the burning of all 12 rectifier (Diode) transformer cathodic protection system Crude oil reserves 8 and 3, according to the experts of modernization and repair of electricity in the region as the installer, monitor and evaluator of the mentioned systems, most likely the chain of events indicated a lightning strike on the tank No. 8 or the perimeter of the inner tank (Bund wall) , Which, thanks to the establishment of a safe lightning protection system in crude oil storage tanks, did not cause any accidents.

Based on the strategic decisions of the regional management and the efforts of renovation and repair partners, land operation, electrical renovation and repairs, mechanical repairs, tanks and loading and HSE of Lavan region in 2016, despite the difficulties and operational risks and using the facilities in the region And at the lowest cost, the lightning protection system with crude oil storage tanks was installed in the period from April 10 to May 4, with a minimum supply of lightning protection equipment for the mentioned tanks that were being serviced.

Optimal equipment and method of operation in accordance with API 545 standard Bypass Conductor method or connection cables (Connection Cable) with fixed length was selected that there was a history of successful installation of this system in other areas.


News Date: Sunday, December 30, 2016

Source: Iran Offshore Oil Company