Repair Management of industrial equipment and process machinery of the National Company for Southern Oilfields successfully carried out major repairs of a unit of a 700 gas and liquefied gas plant (NGL700)


According to the information base of the National Iranian Oil Company, quoting the public relations of the National Company of Southern Oil Fields, this factory was handed over to the management of repairs of industrial equipment and process machinery for major repairs on December 10, this year.

The working hours of the hardworking employees of the Karun Overhaul Office and Kharazmi Petrochemical Company successfully ended on the 7th of December this year.

In the implementation of this project, 38 fixed equipments, 26 electric motors, 24 gearboxes, 2 pumps, various valves and perforated plates were repaired.

According to the schedule, the implementation of this project had to be done in 45 working days, which was done by local experts and local forces in 19 days without any accidents and in completely safe conditions, despite the unfavorable weather conditions.



News Date: Monday, December 31, 2016

Source: National Iranian Oil Company