Researchers from a knowledge-based company succeeded in manufacturing ball valves used in oil and gas industries and self-sufficiency in this field.

The CEO of Pars Oil and Gas Company announced the official handover of the development of Kish gas field to this company and said: this field is being developed with the aim of extracting 85 million cubic meters of gas per day.

The Accident Was Prevented By The Timely Operation Of The Lightning Protection System Of The One Million Barrel Lavan Storage Tank.

Repair Management of industrial equipment and process machinery of the National Company for Southern Oilfields successfully carried out major repairs of a unit of a 700 gas and liquefied gas plant (NGL700)

The CEO of The National Company For The South Oilfields Announced The Allocation Of 4,500 Billion Tomans Of Credit For The Development Of 5 Reservoirs From The Reservoirs Of Masjed Soleiman Oil & Gas Exploitation Company.

According to the calculation of the Research Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly,

while the average equality of each dollar in the budget is 6000 Tomans and the amount of oil exports is 1.635 million barrels per day,

The deputy oil minister announced a growth of 67% in the country's gasoline production capacity comparing to the same period last year and said: the gasoline production capacity will reach 105 million barrels per day by commissioning of the third phase of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery.


With great effort and exemplary speed of action, the crisis management team of Bahregan region on 1397/10/03,

The eruption of well No. 2 in Soroush Square before the start,

was miraculously controlled & caused catastrophic damage to the environment and national resources. Prevention was done.